Does normal metabolic function eventually return to formerly obese individuals that underwent major weight loss?


It is generally thought that, after major weight loss, the body's metabolism will eventually adjust to the new lower weight and return to a "normal" state. However, the specific changes that occur in the body's metabolism after weight loss and the amount of time it takes for these changes to occur can vary from person to person.

There is some evidence that, in some cases, weight loss can lead to a temporary reduction in metabolic rate. This is thought to be due to the loss of lean body mass (such as muscle) that often occurs during weight loss, as well as changes in hormone levels. However, it is also possible for the metabolism to remain relatively stable or even increase after weight loss, depending on various factors such as the person's age, starting weight, and the type and amount of physical activity they engage in.

It is important to note that maintaining a healthy weight and engaging in regular physical activity can help to support a healthy metabolism and prevent weight regain in the long term.

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